Appleton V/X circa 80/90


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Appleton
Origin Jamaica
Bottler Undefined
Type Single Blended Rum (Pot + Column from the same distillery)
Alcohol By Volume 40%
Sugar Measured 0
Description a blend of rums, at est 5 years old frome the 80/90's
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Review by "Lance" Score: 75

The V/X is not a sipping rum (and never was), but more of a mixing agent with just enough jagged edges, undeveloped taste and uncouth to make it shine in a cocktail (and always has been). This may be why it was my tipple of choice in the years when I first arrived in Canada: it was clearly a cut above the boring Lamb's and Bacardi cocktail fodder that flew off the overpriced LCBO shelves, even in those simpler times when two-ingredient hooch was what passed for an elegant jungle juice, and we all loved 40%. Much like the 21 year old from the same era, little has changed between then and now. The general profile of the V/X remains much the same, nicely representative of Jamaica, and the only question one might reasonably ask is what the V/X actually stands for. The rum is around five years of age, no less.

Nose: It starts off sharp and dry, with an interesting melange of orange peel and caramel, bitter burnt sugar, before settling down to a slightly creamier smell of wine barely on this side of being vinegar, black chocolate, olives and nuts, and a faint but discernible ashy-metallic (almost iodine) note I didn't care for. Lack of ageing is clear even this early in the game.

Palate: For flavours as punchy and pungent as the nose promised, the palate falls flat and dissolves into a puddle of wuss, all directly attributable to the strength. Much of those variety of the smells is now lost in the sharpness (and thinness) of alcohol. Still, after waiting a while and tasting again, there are raisins, more orange peel, bananas very much gone off, brine, caramel, anise and tannins which, with the thinness, make the whole taste somewhat searing and astringent, even raw. Just as the nose did, once it settled it became somewhat creamier, and more enjoyable.

Finish: Nothing to report. Medium long. Some oak and raisins, maybe anise again, but not enough to matter or entice.

Thoughts: Clearly a young rum. Lacks body and punch and is jagged in the overall nose and palate. It's never been touted as being anything except an entry level Appleton, and that's perfectly fine, as it is appealingly honest in a refreshing kind of way, and doesn't pretend to be -- nor was it ever marketed as -- more than it really is.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 76

Un assemblage de rhums d’au moins 5 ans d’âge. Une bouteille des années 80/90.

Nose: La robe est ambrée dorée, huileuse. Au nez, le rhum est sec et fait ressortir des tanins en plus d’une odeur métallique, comme cuivrée qui se mélange à la mélasse. Cela tend à donner un léger piquant au nez qui partira avec un peu de repos, et auquel vient s’ajouter de la peau d’orange, de la banane et même un coté marmelade ; et des épices, avec un côté terreux. Le repos assombrit le nez avec un côté goudronneux/olive très léger donnant à ce rhum un côté sérieux et relativement brut.

Palate: En bouche, l’attaque est huileuse et légèrement beurrée, sur une mélasse mêlant la marmelade d’orange, de la réglisse et un boisé épicé (poivre noir) mais aussi vanillé ; plus le rhum reste en bouche et plus il développe ce côté onctueux et presque sirupeux, sur la réglisse, des fruits à coque et des fruits secs (raisin).

Finish: La fin de bouche est assez longue, sur des notes sèches de chêne et de poivre, de raisin sec et de réglisse noire sur la toute fin.

Thoughts: Un rhum d’entrée de gamme qui propose déjà des caractéristiques de Appleton mais qui sera sans doute plus efficace mélangé qu’en dégustation pure. Un rhum droit et naturel, sur la réglisse.

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