Bacardi 6 yo Anejo Extra Special


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Bacardi
Origin Puerto Rico
Bottler Undefined
Type Rum (multicolumn +95%abv)
Alcohol By Volume 40%%
Sugar Measured 0
Review 3


Review by "Marco" Score: 68


Nose: Lightly stings the alcohol in the Nose. Surely 40% abv? I smell grass, sugar cane and spices. Figs? A few spices. Nuances of cinnamon? The rum smells very herbal and buttery. Very slight odor profile. Very weak cherries, papayas and lemons or citrus fruits. Iodine? Charcoal, oak and leather. Unfortunately, the rum is not a complex one and lacks finesse and class.

Palate: Butter, pepper and tart herbs. The alcohol itself does virtually not burn on the tongue. That's it already. Apart from the aforementioned flavours I taste just a little caramel, oak and anise. The rum is incredibly shallow and lacking of flavours. The second sip again butter, pepper, herbs, oak, caramel and some anise. Basically almost the same as the first impression. Nothing changes even during repeated drinking.

Finish: Weak vanilla, herbs and butter. A little oak flits across the palate. The rum is very quickly disappeared from the palate. At the 2nd sip herb, butter and mangos. At the end only herbs. Slightly dry on the palate.

Thoughts: I hate butter in a rum. The fact that this profile is more than flat, does not help this rum at all. He is to "silent" or to pure in taste. A typical "silent patent spirit" of the old days. I do not want cask aromas with alcohol and water. I want Rum. Only 68 points in a very good mood.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 76

Un ron 'Extra Special' âgé de 6 ans et qui date de la fin des années 70, début 80, distillé et préparé à Puerto Rico. Du simple, un ron sans prétention mais d'une autre époque et donc très loin du Bacardi actuel, vous vous en doutez.

Nose: Couleur d'un ambré très léger tirant sur l'or, pour un rhum d'apparence grasse. Au nez, nous avons un rhum beaucoup plus riche que le Paraiso, plus 'rhum' et moins 'liqueur', et qui ressemble à un ron cubain : léger et sec, fruité (sur l'exotisme, banane en tête), avec de la cannelle et un nez riche qui laisse présager d'une bouche assez huileuse et gourmande. On y reconnait quelques herbes et une odeur métallique, du sucre candy dans une ambiance plaisante et légère, avec un boisé finement fumé et au final assez frais (ananas).

Palate: En bouche, le rhum est très huileux et assez rapidement gras, délivre une mélasse mélangée à de chaudes épices, ainsi que des fruits exotiques (banane, ananas). C'est très gras, avec une touche végétal plaisante qui englobe le palais entier.

Finish: La fin de bouche est sèche, assez (très) courte mais plaisasympathique, et délivre quelques épices (poivre).

Thoughts: Un ron simple au nez métallique/exotique et à la bouche grasse et tout aussi simple, mais efficace et surtout sans artifice. En ça bien mieux que le Paraiso, mais pour le coup assez difficile à retrouver aujourd'hui.

Review by "Lance" Score: 77

Bacardi has had so many iterations of their rums over the decades, made in Mexico, Puerto Rico or Bermuda (or wherever else they squirrel away production these days), that it's impossible to state with precision what the genuine article actually is any longer. This version clearly states on the label it was a Puerto Rican rum, six years old, imported into Italy, and I've been informed its was made and acquired in the 1980s. Perhaps it was a forerunner, an experiment, to see whether aged rum sales held promise, and afterwards morphed into the current 8 year old (which isn't half bad)

Nose: Dry, almost dusty, very light, grassy and gradually fruity, something vaguely reminiscent of the Alfred Lamb Special Reserve 1949. The fruits are less sweet and more tart - guavas, Thai mangoes yellowed but not soft, unripe pears, with a nearly imperceptible background of flowers and nail polish.

Palate: Light and fresh, yes, perhaps too much so - there's almost nothing to report, everything has been diluted and dulled down and dampened to the point of nonexistence. It's got alcohol, so there's that, I suppose. Oak, too much, because there's too little to balance off against it. Adding water would do no good except to drown it and make what few flavours there were expire without a murmur. Even after half an hour, it evinced little more than the profile of sugar cane juice (without any syrupiness) in which someone mixed some caramel, grapes, vanilla and a lily or two...maybe that was for the funeral, which of course would be in an oak casket.

Finish: Gone so fast it would make The Flash weep with envy. Again, too faint and vague to appeal - oak dominant, held somewhat in check with clean final scents of half a vanilla stick , a half-hearted squeeze of citrus, one grape and a flower petal.

Thoughts: Perhaps it's wrong to bring a modern sensibility to a rum made for drinkers from thirty years ago, where Scotch was The Man, vodka was ascendant, cocktails were king and the term "sipping rum" was considered an oxymoron. Whatever. It showcases all the current strengths and weaknesses of the brand - column still light rum for easy drinking and mixing, probably at an easy price. The best thing I can say about it is that it's clean and clear, and better than some modern (and more upscale) Bacardi products.

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