Bacardi Facundo Paraiso


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Bacardi
Origin Puerto Rico
Bottler Undefined
Type Rum (multicolumn +95%abv)
Alcohol By Volume 40%
Sugar Measured 15-20 g/L
Description Paraiso is a blend of rums aged 17-23 years ; aged initially in white oak, the rums are married and rested in French oak casks before bottling
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Review by "Lance" Score: 75

The Facundo rum series from Bacardi which was launched in 2013, is an attempt by the company to insert itself into the premium market with a series of aged blended rums. The Paraiso is the top end of the four expressions released under the brand (Neo, Eximo and Exquisito are the others) containing various rums aged up to 23 years, finished in old cognac barrels and is priced to match, though one wonders how much of that is the bottle and enclosure rather than the rum itself. And of course there's all the old marketing blather about jealously guarded, never-before-seen, private stocks and family casks meant only for visiting royalty, not the ignoble peasantry.

Nose: Briny, soft and mildly fruity, with almonds and vanilla. Some toblerone and a whiff of tobacco. Herbal, grassy notes, and oak, and exactly two grapes. Sweet and light and too damned faint. Not sure what's stopping them from boosting it to maybe 45%.

Palate: It may be a blend of old rums, but I think it hews too closely to the formula represented in its downmarket mega-selling cousins. The thing is too light and too weak in both mouthfeel and taste - there's no assertiveness here. Caramel (weak). Pears and another two grapes (weak). Alcohol (weak). Vanilla (some). Almonds, oak, breakfast spices (almost nonexistent). Sugar (too much - I read it has 15-20 g/L when doing my research after the tasting, so now I know why). Plus, all these flavours blend into each other so it's just a smooth butter-caramel-vanilla ice cream melange at best. Did I mention I thought it was too sweet?

Finish: Short, kind of expected at 40%. One last grape. Halwa and Turkish delight (seriously). That is not entirely a recommendation.

Thoughts: Unless you're a fan of light, easy sipping rums from Cuba, and are prepared to drop north of £200, I'd suggest passing on it. It's not, as the website suggests, "possibly the finest rum ever sipped," not even close. Still, the presentation is excellent, and for its strength it has a few pleasant notes -- but pleasant is not what we want in something bugled to be this old and this expensive: we want a challenge, a blast from the past, something majestic. This isn't it, and frankly, it just annoys me. There's more and better out there at a lesser price from the same island.

Review by "Marco" Score: 70

Dark amber.

Nose: Spices, butter, caramel with weak hints of cinnamon. The alcohol stings gently in the nose. Cane sugar, herbs and mangoes. The rum smells like a more mature version of the Bacardi 6 Years Old Extra Special from the 80s. A hint of tobacco. Smoke and ... charcoal? Leather and oak. After a pivot of the glass the alcohol smell is pungent. After about an hour it has almost disappeared. Here you can smell almost only the barrel flavours.

Palate: Caramel, butter, herbs and oak. The rum burns not on the palate. Leather and herbal flavours. That's it. Only herbs and butter at the end. At the 2nd sip again butter, caramel and oak. Again the rum becomes herbal in taste. Repeated sipping does not alter the taste at all. Very low profile.

Finish: Caramel, herbs and oak. Mangos and butter. That's it already. After the 2nd sip shortly cinnamon, spices and caramel. Then herbs and butter. Then the rum is gone.

Thoughts: Much maturity, little rum, but a little more alcohol. I'm still not a fan of this butter taste and this lightweight style. I'm afraid I'll never will.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 59

Voici une des bouteilles de la collection 'Facundo' lancé en 2013 par Bacardi pour rendre hommage à Don Facundo Bacardí Massó (en permettant au master blender de piocher dans "les réserves de rhums privées de la famille"), mais aussi pour se positionner sur le secteur tant porteur des rhums 'premium'.

Nose: La robe est acajou et très brillante, les jambes sont épaisses pour un rhum d'apparence très huileuse. Au nez, c'est très léger, subtil. Pas d'explosion aromatique, nous restons de toute manière sur un rhum de style cubain et pas franchement expressif. Un boisé fin et légèrement grillé, accentué de notes de vanille et de caramel, de mélasse, avec un peu de réglisse. Très simple et timide, un poil sur l'alcool, et très plat malgré les épices (muscade, cannelle) et les fruits secs (raisin, amande grillée, cerise). Un rhum qui ne bouge pas beaucoup, que certains qualifieront peut-être de 'très classieux', mais qui au fond est assez rapidement ennuyant.

Palate: La bouche est huileuse, moelleuse même, très douce et très sucrée : point de chêne trop présent, il est au contraire fondu dans une bonne dose de caramel et de vanille, donnant un effet gourmand (et assez sucré) en bouche. On est sur le chocolat au lait, le massepain, les fruits secs (raisin) et la cerise, et toujours le caramel, et un chêne légèrement fumé.

Finish: Les épices arrivent mais timidement, pour une fin de bouche très courte, cassée par le sucre mais dans la continuité du rhum : tout en douceur, sur le caramel et les épices (cannelle). C'est chaleureux mais ça manque cruellement de longueur et c'est très asséchant.

Thoughts: Un rhum qui plaira aux amateurs de profil sucré... 17gr/L de sucre ça peut paraitre moins que les concurrents, mais ça se ressent beaucoup au final, encore plus sur un rhum déjà bien épuré en bout de distillation. Pour le prix mieux vaudra passer son chemin.

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