Barbancourt Reserve Du Domaine


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Barbancourt
Origin Haiti
Bottler none
Type Pure Single Agricole Rhum (100% pot still)
Alcohol By Volume 43%
Sugar Measured
Review 4


Review by "Lance" Score: 83

The forerunner of the still excellent fifteen year old rhum made in Haiti to this day, this one was generated in the 1970s, and it's a pretty good rhum even after a remove of so many years. Pot still 43%, about 15,000 bottles were issued according to The Sage, while The Whisky Exchange says 20,000...doesn't matter, they're rare as hen's teeth these days anyway. I think the recipe they used then is a little different than the current iteration of the 15, but not by much. Note also the similarity of the box to today's edition.

Nose: Oddly thin and discombobulated. Spicy, not too much. Nuts, caramel, port infused pipe tobacco, black grapes, some zest. Gets easier as you keep at it, rewards some patience and savouring.

Palate: Light bodied yet not anorexically thin, thank God (hate those). Some beef and biceps kept under velvet sleeves - 43% is great here. Not quite a molasses background, but some - caramel, vanilla, toffee, crushed walnuts, ice cream without enough cream. Black grapes continue, red guavas, some anise and fennel and black tea (without sugar). A shade too thin, really - still, you can't fault the fact that it's delicious.

Finish: Medium short, unremarkable. Nothing more than the aforementioned spices and toffee to report. Goes down nicely, and at least it doesn't hate you.

Thoughts: Amazing how consistent this is in quality to the current 15 year old, which I quite liked. Still, tasted after the >25 Year Old Veronelli, you can sense the difference. Surprised this was/is a cane juice product -- has elements that hearken more to molasses, but what do I know? A pretty good all-round rhum in all times, in all worlds.

Review by "Serge" Score: 84

Barbancourt 15 yo 'Réserve du Domaine' (43%, OB, Haiti, +/-1985) This is old-style Barbancourt, made with Charentais stills (cognac type) instead of the current column stills, which means that it was probably fatter spirit than anything distilled after 1990, let’s see… Colour: dark mahogany.

Nose: There are these whiffs of fermenting vegetables and fruits that are so pleasant at first nosing, before a richer, more pipe-tobacco-ish profile appears. I also find quite a lot of old rancio, old Banyuls, perhaps a little Pedro Ximenez, walnut wine… And yet, it’s no thick rum at all, I even find it a little… ethereal?

Palate: No, I was wrong indeed, this is no thick rum, but it does display a fair share of complexity and elegance. Coffee, peach liqueur, maple syrup, walnut wine again and again, chocolate, dark toffee… There is a feeling of coffee-schnapps, and everything works in sync. Definitely a sipper.

Finish: Medium, with coffee and liquorice, then walnuts and rancio. Pecan pie. He aftertaste is long but thin. Liqueur-filled chocolates.

Thoughts: Absolutely excellent, just a wee bit thin at times – although it’s no thin rum at all.

Review by "Marco" Score: 84

An old bottling from before 1992, when the pot stills at Barbancourt have been replaced with a more modern Continous Still. So this one should be different from the current range. Colour: Very dark amber. Darker than the 25 YO from the Rumaniac-sharing.

Nose: The nose is also more intense than the 25 YO. Again, I Smell this floral aromas mixed with tar and sugarcane. In the background of the flavour profil I also can detect faint oak. The rum reminds me of the dirty Caronis, bottled by various indys. The fruits are rather very weak there. I only smell some mangoes and weak buttery nuances.

Palate: Strong aromas of tar and flowers are flooding the palate. Sugarcane is only weakly present. Almost no sweetness. After a few seconds you can taste buttery and tart flavours and herbs. There are also oak flavours from the barrel. The rum is very slightly bitter on the palate.

Finish: Buttery and bitter herbs at the beginning. Then faint floral aromas and oak. Even subtle aromas of tar scurry across the palate.

Thoughts: Definitely better than the 25YO version. I can't say anything to the newer official versions of Barbancourts, but I feel they should be different from this old one.

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