El Dorado Rare Collection Enmore 1993


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Demerara Distillers Ltd
Origin Guyana
Bottler Undefined
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 56,5%
Sugar Measured 0-5 g/L
Description The third rum from the "Rare Collection"-series.
Review 4


Review by "Henrik" Score: 82

Nose: The approach is very rich and voluminous profile, but also quite aggressive. It is quite evident that we are dealing with a high proof rum. Burnt brown sugar plays a big part of the profile, along with a lot of fat, fruity things. Marzipan and dried apricots with juicy pineapple and fresh plums. The oak is very soft and subtle on the nose. At the very backend some black berries and a grassy undertone. A little bit unbalanced and the alcohol took an unnecessary stab at my brain through the nose.

Palate: It goes full throttle and starts beating you with lots of burnt oaks and fat red whine with plenty of tannic bite. Quite powerful and a little bit off the hinges. It feels a little clumsy and unrefined. On the flavour side there is a lot of sweet Demerara sugar and dried, tropical fruits. Apricots and figs come forth along with a little cinnamon. Just before the curtain call there is a last burst of liquorice and a bit of leather. Very good, but also a little oafish.

Finish: The fade starts out with lots of heat, and then it speeds up and leaves the scene hand in hand with the sweetness. Quickly out the door and leaves almost nothing. Sadly. Since it would have been nice to be able to enjoy the flavours for a while.

Thoughts: I don’t want to say that I’m disappointed, but I am. A little. The nose was good, the palate was also quite good, and the finish just happened way too fast. It has some of the same explosive power as other tropical, high proof, Demeraras. But where as certain others just turned up the volume to deafening, this one claws your palate and breathes fire up your nostrils. It is unrefined and even a bit clumsy. Despite the critique, this is still a good rum! No doubt. It just competes in a field of vastly superior rums.

Review by "Serge" Score: 81

The problem is that DDL have been too optimistic with their prices, as it seems. I had thought these new OBs would sell like Mars bars in Scotland, but the hefty prices (a disease called scotchitus severis) seem to have discouraged most rum lovers, and the bottles remain available from just everywhere on this planet. After all, they’re afraid of nothing, them who just launched a $500,000 50 yo rum. Now that's Guyanan dollars, and that's a 50 yo look-alike - you know, nasty 'anniversary' bottlings that suggest a 'faked' age and all that, some Scots do it as well.

Nose: much gentler, easier, without the phenolic base, and with more ‘average’ rum aromas, such as tropical fruits, papayas, pineapples… It’s really lovely, and at times you’re thinking about rhum agricole from Martinique, but there’s also a little too much sweet oak, in the modern Scotch style. Let’s see… With water: wood spices, unsweetened tea, vanilla…

Palate: (neat): a bourbon of rum, clearly. Or a light spirit in some very active American oak. Vanilla, maple syrup, orange liqueur, a touch of ginger liqueur… With water: once again we’re between rum and bourbon. It’s fine, and I do enjoy these notes of artisan maple syrup, it’s just that the Versailles kills it.

Finish: medium, sweet, bourbony. Vanilla and pineapples.

Thoughts: don’t get me wrong, it’s excellent rum, but the traditional Demeraraness (excuse me?) is a little absent. A strong light rum.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 87

Nose: Belle robe ambré, bien brillante et tirant vers le cuivre, le rhum est huileux ; larmes et jambes s’en donnent à cœur joie, toutes collantes et bien décidées à prendre leur temps. Au nez, alléluia, même à 40cm le verre embaume des notes de grillé, de quoi vous rappeler que seul un rhum vieilli sur place peut donner un pif aussi expressif et concentré. On est sur de la mélasse grillée, des fruits confits et mélassés, de l’abricot sec, et même rôti (tarte à l’abricot caramélisé), du pruneau, du massepain, du moka. Un nez qui apparait beaucoup plus gourmand et parfumé que le Enmore 95 de Velier, plus sombre en comparaison ; il y a dans ce 93 plus d’exotisme: de l’ananas, de la pêche, de la banane, du fruité plus ensoleillé et gorgée de sucre, et même vanillé. Les fruits se font même légèrement âcres, avec un rancio plutôt présent sur les finish de vin cuit, de type porto. Voilà un nez séduisant et flatteur, rafraîchissant aussi, avec un côté végétal et mentholé, qui permet de ne pas trop facilement sombrer dans ces notes délicieusement noires d’un Enmore 1995. Un poil d’acidité aussi, avec la présence de petits fruits rouges (cerise, framboise?), qui donne décidément à ce Enmore une belle complexité. Un nez très concentré et parfumé, versatile, gourmand et tropical.

Palate: En bouche, on retrouve cette concentration, sans pour autant retrouver cet effet collant et incisif du 95. Le rhum englobe tout de même le palais (mais dans une moindre mesure), avec une bonne rasade de chêne, de mélasse brûlée, d’épices (gingembre, muscade) pour une bouche plutôt tannique, sèche et puissante, mais très rafraîchissante (mentholée) ; les fruits exotiques adoucissent la bouche, arrondissent les angles, et servent parfaitement la puissance du degré alcoolique.

Finish: La fin de bouche est tout autant puissante, longue et légèrement alcooleuse, mais partira néanmoins assez rapidement, bien loin de la profondeur du 95. On y retrouve fruits secs, chêne et épices, avec une légère amertume qui assèche la toute fin de bouche. Le verre vide ranimera les souvenirs d’exotisme et de banane écrasée.

Thoughts: Les amateurs du Enmore 95 retrouveront leurs repères, sans pour autant retrouver la même gouache, mais plutôt un côté multi-directionnel, plus complexe mais qui manque d’une pointe d’équilibre. Une comparaison directe confirmera la chose: le Velier 95, en plus d’être plus gras, visuellement et en bouche, est beaucoup plus concentré et explosif. Le Rare Collection 1993 l’est donc moins, mais reste tout de même bien au-dessus des embouteillages plus ‘classiques’ vieillis en Europe, qui manquent cruellement de toute cette concentration aromatique

Review by "Marco" Score: 85

The third and last rum from the new series issued by DDL. This time it is the Enmore EHP. I had quite a few good ones in the past. Lets see how this one will perform.

Nose: Sugarcane, brown canesugar, herbs, caramel and fruits float in the glass. Old wood, spices, leather and a hint of anise. A light glue smell is in the air. Further away: papayas, toffee, leather, sugar and vanilla. Tobacco. Deep in the glass: oak, anise, spices, fruits and adhesive. Papayas and mangoes. Again tobacco. Smells very mature, but EHP is still recognizable to me. The rum is slightly sweet in the nose. Roasting and smoke flavours of the wood layer.

Palate: Sugar, herbs and oak flavors. Then the rum burns on the palate. Brown canesugar. Fruits, leather, caramel and toffee. Slowly the rum becomes sweet in taste. The sugarcane and the herbs are gaining in strength. Tobacco, cinnamon, brown canesugar and oak remain on the palate. 2. sip: short adhesive flavours, then fruits. Herbs and sugarcane. Mangoes, papayas, caramel and a weak anise taste. Spices. At the 2nd sip less sweet than before. Very mature on the palate.

Finish: Sugarcane, oak and herbs. Spices and anise scurry across the palate. A light touch of bitterness in the finish. 2. sip: herbs, oak and cane sugar. Spices, tobacco and fruits shortly. More dry as after the first sip.

Thoughts: To me so far the best rum of the Rare Collection of DDL. The PM was not so great, the Versailles was better. But the Enmore is just a little bit better than the Versailles and wins the first round. But again: I miss something in this rum.

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