El Dorado Rare Collection Port Mourant 1999


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Demerara Distillers Ltd
Origin Guyana
Bottler Undefined
Type Pure Single Rum (100% pot still)
Alcohol By Volume 61,4%
Sugar Measured 0-5 g/L
Description One of the first three rums issued by Demerara Distillers Limited under the "Rare Collection"-series.
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Review by "Henrik" Score: 79

Nose: Typical Port Mourant scents, with huge dominating anise notes, along with a wooden tannins. Is has a decent sweetness to it, which draws from molasses, honey and maple syrup, but doesn’t go far enough in one specific direction to be just that. Underneath the sweetness there is a layer of leather and smoking, burnt oak. And after that comes some cloves and olives to spice things up a bit. It was quite hard getting that much from it, as the anise was extremely dominating.

Palate: Boom! Extreme tannins which tried to rip my throat open from the inside. After that, some less horrible fat, intense red wine notes along with a trillion tonnes of star anise. Lots of brine and olives follow, with a touch of leather. And then just when you think it is about to let you off the hook a little, it blasts you with the minty version of The Incredible Hulk, with just a touch of spearmint on the side. Not my kind of Port Mourant. It is way to harsh and way to extreme in its flavours. Strangely enough everything feels very well composed, with a surreal anti-balance and a lot of funky flavours. But no matter how well made it is, it has got some serious issues.

Finish: It stays with you for quite some time, while it first tries to kill you one last time, before it settles for clawing its way all the way down your throat. In the end my tongue was numb, and every time I draw a breath, I could taste the brine, the anise and the tannic red wine. Some 15 minutes after the swallow, there is still a tingling left, but now all the brutal flavours has transformed in to red berries and a nice plate of tropical fruits. A very nice little apology for the prior assault.

Thoughts: Perhaps one of the least elegant and least manageable rum I've tried so far. You can't deny that this is proper rum. It just have some issues it needs to sort out. And even though I can appreciate the quality of the rum despite my personal preference, it doesn’t feel as great as many other Port Mourants.

Review by "Serge" Score: 82

The owners just took over the bottling of their ‘single’ Demeraras, after Velier and boss Luca Gargano had been so instrumental in pushing these rums. We’re talking about the ones that are/were aged in the tropics, while other bottlers rather use casks that have matured, either partly or totally, in the UK. By the way, these new OBs are extremely expensive, we’re talking around €200-350. Prices vary really a lot. In theory, this very rum was made at Uitvlugt, before the old still was moved to Diamond.

Nose: very aromatic and quite woody. Bourbon-woody, I’d say, but there’s also a lot of liquorice, which gives it something agricole, as far as I can tell. Pencil shavings, vanillin, ripe pineapples, cinnamon… It’s very different from the Mezan, with much less ‘PM’ character, but it’s relatively awesome. Just much more ‘approachable’, despite the much higher strength. With water: oh, old pu-erh, this is nice. Earthy and mildly smoky, with less straight oak. Some cough medicine.

Palate: (neat): very strong, oaky, gingery, biting, hot… Not too sure… Quick, water! With water: more Port Mourant character for sure, with a saltiness, lapsang souchong, artichokes… Having said that the oak’s still the dominating party here.

Finish: medium, liquoricy, cane-y, with some cinnamon and ginger in the aftertaste.

Thoughts: mixed feelings. It’s very good, but a little too much oak-forward for me. The Mezan at a higher strength would have destroyed it, while it’s rather a tie. I think Bristol had a better 1999 (WF 87) in 2014.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 83

Nose: Robe ambré acajou, et toujours ces larmes qui semblent scotchées en milieu de verre. Au nez, c’est puissamment aromatique, même si les 61,4° passent plutôt ‘bien’, à condition bien sûr de respecter un périmètre de sécurité. Le nez consolera les amateurs de PM: boisé humide et anis, du bois fraichement coupé et broyé, mélangé à de la mélasse fumante et brûlée, mais avec -à côté de ça- beaucoup de fruits. Comme pour le Enmore, on retrouve bien les marqueurs aromatiques de la maison, mais avec plus de fruit, comme si DDL avait voulu proposer des rhums résolument plus faciles pour ses premiers essais, pour peut-être ne pas brusquer d’entrée (même si le degré d’embouteillage ferait fondre n’importe quel dégustateur un peu trop curieux). Et alors que cette odeur fraîche anisée prend un peu plus de place, on découvre de l’olive, de l’orange confite, du clou de girofle, et ce boisé piquant qui nous rappelle si besoin était que ce rhum est brut de fût et, somme toute, assez âgé (16 ans en vieillissement tropical ça laisse forcément des traces). Le rhum pourrait être laissé là à l’abandon, pendant des heures, qu’il en serait toujours aussi vivant et parlant. L’anis est en tout cas bien présent et permet de ne pas tomber dans la lourdeur du bois. Avec plus d’une demi-heure de repos, le nez est toujours aussi concentré, et propose maintenant une odeur quelque peu déstabilisante : un mélange de boisé anisé avec des fruits très très mûrs (dont l’orange, et de la goyave très mature, voir pourrie) et de l’amande grillée, pour un résultant qui peut paraitre étrange, mais original, même si pour le coup, pas très bien équilibré.

Palate: En bouche, l’attaque est puissante (mais pas tant que ça au vu du degré d’embouteillage), et belle et bien concentrée , sur la force du bois et de ses tanins, malicieux et mesquins, mais vite mâtés par la fraîcheur et la fougue de l’anis et des agrumes. Fruits secs, cuir, olive, on a de l’amertume, mais heureusement la bouche s’adoucit grâce aux fruits exotiques (goyave).

Finish: La fin de bouche est moins longue qu’espérée, sans l’explosion que l’on attend d’un PM à plus de 60° ; ça dure, mais on est bien loin d’un Velier 97 pour comparer. Cette fin de bouche est fraîche, anisée, mentholée, avec des fruits exotiques, mais le rhum est parti bien trop vite, et trop facilement… Légère amertume et acidité en toute fin de bouche.

Thoughts: Un Port Mourant déroutant, qui mettrait sans doute au tapis beaucoup de rhums vieillis sur notre continent, mais bien en deçà des sélections du sieur Gargano. Je m’attendais pour ma part à une bouche aussi concentrée et collante, explosive ; au lieu de ça c’est bon, mais ça manque clairement de quelque chose pour en faire un champion dans sa catégorie.

Review by "Marco" Score: 82

One of the three rums issued from DDL after the they dissolved the partnership with Luca Gargano. Lets see what how this Pm does perform. I liked the 1993 and 1997 very much.

Nose: Massive aniseed, spices, fruits and barrel aromas floating in the glass. Cinnamon, caramel and oak flavours. Herbs in the background. Smells faint shortly like black tea. Further away: papaya, herbs, vanilla and anise. Deep in the glass: Solid oak, cinnamon, caramel, herbs and much spices. Fruits are only very discreetly present. More fruit is smellable further away from the glass. Old polished wood and red fruits. Smoke flavouring of the charred wood layer of the barrel.

Palate: Burns first on the palate, but not extreme. Then anise, spices and oak flavours. Cinnamon, caramel, cloves, leather and weak fruit. Slightly sweet. I briefly do taste some black tea. Smoke flavouring, roasted flavours and old wood. After a minute in the mouth still slightly sweet. With so much maturity contained at least some bitterness should be tasted. The rums is herbal in the end. 2. sip: Slight acid at the beginning, spices, oak and anise. Then the rum is a little bit sweet until the end. Anise, papaya and black tea.

Finish: Roasted flavours, anise and oak. Then papaya, mango and caramel. Herbal taste in the end. 2. sip: Very briefly you can taste the maturity and a slight bitterness. Then anise, papaya and caramel.

Thoughts: For the contained maturity a little bit lax and without any outstanding marks. In addition, this slight sweetness after over a minute on the palate is irritating. There should be more bitterness inside. Unfortunately the rum can't keep up with 1993 and 1997.

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