English Harbour 1981


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Bottle Profile
Distillery The Antigua Distillery
Origin Antigua
Bottler Undefined
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 40%
Sugar Measured
Description Distilled in Antigua from molasses in 1981 and aged for 25 years before bottling in 2006. Aged in used whisky and bourbon barrels. The 1981 Vintage was produced on an old French-design Savalle still, which is no longer made. Antigua Distillers currently uses a John Dore three-column continuous still.
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Review by "Serge" Score: 74

This baby’s still widely available, which I find strange. Maybe that’s because of the rather heavy price tag? (around 200 €)

Nose: a rather rich, chocolaty style, with many dried fruits, papayas, bananas, a touch of coal smoke, a little tar, espresso… I have to say I'm not blaming this baby for anything so far. The smokiness is very pleasant.

Palate: too bad, I find it too sweet this time. Cane syrup, coffee liqueur, caramel, chocolate liqueur… You really have to love chocolate! Also toasted oak and maybe a slice of pecan pie, roasted nuts…

Finish: rather short, and very sugary/molassy. The smoky touch in the aftertaste improves it again – just a bit.

Thoughts: simply not my style at all. Oh the sugar…

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