Habtitation Velier Muller LL IV/3177


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Bielle
Origin Marie-Galante
Bottler Velier
Type Pure Single Agricole Rhum (100% pot still)
Alcohol By Volume 59%
Sugar Measured 0
Description One of the first new rums under the new "Habtitation"-series under Velier.
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Review by "Serge" Score: 82

Müller is the name of the still(s). It’s like if the Scots would call their whiskies ‘Forsyth’, if you like. It’s a set of two pot-stills fitted with columns, as far as I can tell. The letters and figures in the name are just the ‘license plate’ of that set of stills, which are also used to make the ‘Rhum Rhum’ at Bielle. What’s funny is that they reduced it (not much, mind you, 59% vol.) using rainwater. Something that the Scots could do as well, given their pluviometry over there ;-)

Nose: we’re entering clairin/mezcal/artisan cachaça territories. It’s a very ‘vertical’ spirit, with scents of lupin and lilies that are not often to be found elsewhere, then rather plantains indeed and this natural rubber that’s also to be found in the Rhum Rhum. With water: the green phenols come out. French beans and linseed oil, plus a touch of turpentine.

Palate: (neat): sugarcane eau-de-vie, and indeed you cannot not think of some pot-still distilled aguardientes. Green olives and green bananas. With water: a sweeter side comes out. Cane sugar, limejuice, a wee bit of ham –which should go away with ageing.

Finish: medium, rather fresh, more lemony. Notes of that very mild chilli we have in southern France, called piment d’Espelette – or Espelette pepper. Not even sure it’s chilli, to tell you the truth. The ham is back in the aftertaste.

Thoughts: very good, but perhaps more for high-end cocktails, Herr Müller.

Review by "Marco" Score: 74

Again a immature rhum agricole.

Nose: Sugarcane, very weak nail polish remover, roses and a dominant pungent odor. Medical nuances. The roses gain some strength after a time. Again, no complex rum, but what do you expect from an unaged rum?

Palate: Weak sugarcane, roses and again this pungent taste of a typical immature rum. It burns at first quite strong, then it becomes more mild. Sugarcane and roses are characterized slightly stronger. Another rum which tastes first like medicine and then towards the end it becomes more herbal.

Finish: Nail polish remover, roses and sugarcane. Again first medicine then herbal.

Thoughts: Well, I guess it will be more suitable for a Planters- or Ti-Punch than for the pure pleasure. Imho.

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