Havana Club Anejo 80's


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Havana Club
Origin Cuba
Bottler Undefined
Type Rum (multicolumn +95%abv)
Alcohol By Volume 40%
Sugar Measured 0
Description Ron Puro Cubano, Havana Club Anejo from the 80's, imported version
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Review by "Lance" Score: 80

By now we are all aware of the two different kinds of Havana Club. This rum is the one from Cuba, not the Bacardi version made in "not Cuba" and hails from the 1980s which, coincidentally, is when I started drinking DDL's King of Diamonds (a useless factoid, I know). No point rehashing well-known details of the brand, so off we go.

Nose: Oh well, very nice indeed, quite a few steps ahead of the Facundo Paraiso. Dare I say "the real deal"? Better not. Initially it smells very crisp and floral, with light "watery" fruits (pears, guavas, even watermelon), and then segues gently into something more creamy. Actually the aroma moves into heavier syrup-from-tinned-peaches territory after a while, but is redeemed from cloying heaviness by remaining reasonably light, adding some brine and genteel gone-to-seed flower gardens with too much earth. Some traces of toffee, tobacco, maybe a flirt of cinnamon. Gone too fast, alas.

Palate: What just happened here? Was that licorice, medicinals and plasticene I tasted? Indeed it was. Just as suddenly, it went limp again, but after standing for a while, with some effort, I could make out additional flavours of green peas (!!), apple juice, vanilla, nutmeg, caramel, cardamon...and some bitterness of over-zealous application of the barrel. Good potential, but ultimately unsatisfying and again, this being the era of 40%, really not intense enough, while interesting in its own way.

Finish: Well done, reasonably long for the strength. Cigar smoke, brine, some last herbal notes and a couple of olives. Dry and dirty and quite pleasant.

Thoughts: Nose and finish are the best part of the experience, with some nice points on the palate. Not as anonymous and boring as the Bacardis, yet lacks punch in its own way; and even though it may be churlish to grumble about the way rums were made back then, a few extra points of proof would have gone a long way to raising the labial volume to something higher.

Review by "Marco" Score: 71

Dark amber.

Nose: Interestingly contrast cpraed with the rums of Bacardi. Caramel, brown sugar, grassy flavours, iodine and a hint of cherries. Sour cherries? Cinnamon, oak and leather are hovering in the glass. Toffee. The nose is a little better than the Bacardi's, but this rum is also such a light specimen. Tobacco. After a pivot of the glass the alcohol becomes noticeably present. Then the spices and herbs are dominant.

Palate: Oh my goodness. How gentle and flat the rum is. Something iodine, caramel, herbs, oak, leather and spices. The flavour has only a small fraction of the intensity of the nose. Iodine and herbs are the most dominant. At the 2nd sip butter, herbs, caramel, spices, iodine and oak. Much barrel, far too little "rum" for my taste. The picture changes little, no matter how much you drink of this rum. All flavours fade out together quite quickly.

Finish: Iodine, caramel and herbs. Weed? Herbs at the end. After the second sip iodine, herbs, oak and toffee. Leather and cane. Dry at the end.

Thoughts: A flyweight with barrel aging. Too light. Again a typical representative of the "Silent Patent Still Rum" category of the old school.

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