Neisson Extra Vieux


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Neisson
Origin Martinique
Bottler none
Type Agricole Rhum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 45%
Sugar Measured
Description aged for more than 6 years into Limousin and Kentucky barrels.
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Review by "Lance" Score: 82

Neisson is, in my own opinion, one of the most singular makers of agricole rhum on Martinique, and have used like "fascinating", "unusual" and "distinctive" to describe their remarkable products...there's always something slightly off kilter in them, some cheerful, almost whimsical, sort of "essayons de cette façon," or "leh we try dis" approach.  I'm not entirely convinced this makes them world beaters in every instance and iteration...but you'll always know one when you try it, and perhaps that's the aim all along.

Nose: Yoghurt and sour cream, sharp apple cider, fruit, and buttered green peas (I could not make this up if I tried).  It's a nice nose, however, with just a tinge of olives in brine, some vanilla, marmalade, and bitter coffee.  How this all comes together is a mystery, but it does its own way.

Palate: Winey, just a bit thin, quite warm.  Where's the grassy and herbal stuff agricoles are supposed to have?  Let it wait, add a touch of water, and there it is: sugar cane sap, light vanilla and lemon ice cream, and is that some wasabi lurking in the background?  Sure it is.  Sour cream, some red grapes, red guavas wrap up the show.  Definitely not a standard agricole, so I'm going to add "intriguing" to the vocabulary as well.

Finish: Medium short, less impressive. Green grass, brine, vanilla, herbs, some oakiness (not much) and the musky brininess comes back to say a flashing goodbye.

Thoughts: Takes some getting used to.  As a personal thing, too many tequila-like notes don't enthuse me, but once this meanders off the gradually unfolding of the rhum is remarkable, so apply some patience in assessing it as a sipping spirit.

Review by "Serge" Score: 82

This agricole baby was aged for approximately seven years in the tropics. That’s like 713,524 years in Scotland. Quite.

Nose: funny. Neisson’s unlike any other rhum, and I find each and every expression quite singular. This time we’re having rather more custard and plain vanilla, drizzled over tinned fruits and jellies. Some oak feels, with notes of cocoa powder, and perhaps lightly roasted coffee beans.

Palate: indeed, very singular. Once again, the oak feels a bit, but it’s rather sweets and bonbons that we’re finding. Tangerine jelly, perhaps, or blood oranges. I find it most pleasant, but it’s as if its inherent ‘phenolness’ (hey?) was a bit blocked by some newish oak. Having said that, some lovely fruity notes keep emerging one after the other, such as pink grapefruits, bananas, lime, guava… That’s very good.

Finish: rather medium, rather fruity (guava, really), with an oaky signature. Vanillin.

Thoughts: a kind of finishing in active oak, something very fashionable in Scotland thee days. That may work better with Neisson’s lovely rhum.

Review by "Marco" Score: 83

Nose: This rum does not appreciate long breathing. Weak sugarcane, fruits, toffee and caramel. Further away weak roses and minerals. But even after panning the glass I can't get more flavours. Mangos, oak, sugarcane and raw cane sugar. Apricots? With honey? Herbs and a hint of strawberries briefly after the panning. Nose is very subdued.

Palate: Delicate sugarcane garnished with molasses laden cane sugar, roses and caramel flood the palate. Slightly sweet. Medicine, more floral and grassy flavours. Oak, toffee and herbs after a long time in the mouth. Minerals. Earthy flavours. Menthol, sugar, spices and cinnamon.

Finish: Raw cane sugar, raisins and sweet caramel. Briefly grassy flavours. Again this earthy taste in the mouth. Minerals.

Thoughts: The Palate is top, but nose is just... a flop. The nose has quite ruined the overall impression.

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