Neisson L'Esprit


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Neisson
Origin Martinique
Bottler none
Type Agricole Rhum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 70%
Sugar Measured
Description Single Estate white agriole rhum, L'Esprit from Neisson is a 'column proof' rhum
Review 3


Review by "Lance" Score: 85

The fourth in the Rumaniacs Neisson lineup (though I'm sure they will be more), this thing is a massive falling anvil of oomph, and takes Le Rhum Par Neisson (R-053), also a blanc, out behind the schoolyard and whomps it with an extra twenty degrees of proof...and while the previous blanc elicited strong opinions for and against its quality, thus far I think the general consensus of this one is that it it one hell of a white rhum, to be had with a mixture of caution and enjoyment.

Nose: Sharp as an axe to the face.  Unpleasant? No, not at all.  Some brine and olive notes, with somewhat less of the herbal, grassy aromas one might expect.  Much like a sweetish tequila, and the distinctive Neisson profile emerges rapidly - apples, green pears, tart red guavas, floor polish, leather shoes, some swank, coconut and wax.

Palate: Massive and powerful, heated like a brimstone coated pitchfork.  Sugar water and brine, more olives, sugar cane sap, acetone, rubber and wax, stewed prunes and a general feel of a tamed clairin.  It's powerful to a fault and can be had in moderation or without it, but either way, it never stops giving up some seriously intense tastes.

Finish: Long, long long.  Sharp, aromatic.  Leather, aromatic tobacco, cocnut, musky herbs, fennel and rosemary.  One finishes this thing breathing hard, but ennervated to a fault, just at having come through the experience in one piece

Thoughts: It's good, quite good, but my general opinion is, having tried it twice now, that perhaps whites walking around with such a plethora of flavours, might be best between 50%-60%.  I liked it a lot...but 70% may be just a shade much for the average drinker, in spite of - or maybe because of -- how rumblingly, numbingly strong it presents.

Review by "Serge" Score: 87

You know, it sometimes happens, when you’re visiting any distillery and taste the new make – and find it excellent – that you tell the distillers that they should issue it ‘like that’, without aging. Generally, they just shrug their shoulders, but some are getting into it, such as Neisson. Indeed, this baby’s bottled just after distilling, almost straight from the still. But let’s be careful…

Nose: you can’t do more spirit-driven than this, can you? Sure white rhum is extremely common, and sure you can find 5l-packs at 55% vol. for very cheap in Martinique, but this is something else. I find almond biscuits, plenty of praline, a cane-y side of course - but we’re far from bombs such as the Haitian clairins – and then rather fresh pineapples, whiffs of ylang-ylang, and fresh strawberries. Funny, that. With water: there, the sugar cane, the olives, the brine, the diesel oil, and the crushed capers on a little black truffle.

Palate: (neat): very strong, but provided you only take a tiny drop, you don’t instantly die. I find it sweet and lemony, which can’t be bad. With water: we tamed it. It’s somewhat half-way between Jamaica and Cuba (have to check a map), with perfect earthy tones (and yes, some gentian, for sure) and some salted, pickled fruits. Very good.

Finish: long, earthy, briny… But not too much.

Thoughts: I like the clairins even better, I think they’re a little fatter and more profound, but this sure rocks. And it is a perfect malternative – who needs wood when the distillate’s great?

Review by "Marco" Score: 73

Another pale rum with zero maturity.

Nose: Weak sugarcane with an strong alcohol note. A faint breath of roses fills the air. Medical aromas and very weak exotic fruits. The alcohol evaporates something after a long time. Again, no complex aroma bomb.

Palate: The alcohol burns in the mouth. Then some weak sugarcane, roses and very weak fruits. Again this medicinal taste, which is towards the end more herbal. The fruits and roses disappear. There is a sharp and pungent taste. The immaturity.

Finish: Weak sugarcane. Then again a herbal and medicinal aftertaste. Then it's already over.

Thoughts: Not for the pure pleasure. Probably for mixing. So far, the worst white rhum agricole.

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