Trois Rivieres 1977


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Trois Rivières
Origin Martinique
Bottler Undefined
Type Agricole Rhum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 43%
Sugar Measured
Review 4


Review by "Lance" Score: 85

Not entirely sure how old this is...I think it was bottled in 2000 or so, making it at least a twenty three year old. AOC controlled from Martinique, pot-still-made from cane juice (of course).

Nose: Bright, flowery, quite spicy, but also very clean. Cinnamon, breakfast spices, cloves, some dried fruits (banana, fleshy pears just starting to go). All this is shouldered aside by a rather startling brininess and musty vegetal pungency after a while...y'know, like cardboard in an old, unaired cellar. Not unpleasant, but not your standard fare either

Palate: Oh, nice, very well put together. Again dry and vegetal (the nose wasn't lying), even a bit minty. Warm and assertive, and enough potency to make you think it was actually stronger. Anise, citrus peel, more spices, sushi (maybe seaweed). Somehow all these things work reasonably well together. Didn't bother adding water on this go-around - at 43%, didn't really want to.

Finish: Long, aromatic, dry; that anise/licorice starts to come forward at the back end, isn't balanced as well with other notes as it could have been.

Thoughts: Great, complex nose, quite a smorgasbord on the palate, an agricole all the way through.

Review by "Serge" Score: 90

This is genuine agricole, as you may very well know. So French rhum, which is supposed to be better regulated than rum from other ‘free market’ countries where anything’s allowed. I agree, no politics, let’s try this baby! Colour: amber.

Nose: Ah yes. We’re more on polished woods, ‘the dashboard of an old Jaguar’, dried fruits (pineapples, bananas), and then plenty of mentholy notes, including tiger balm, embrocations ala old Laphroaig, Kool cigarettes, old wine cellar, mushrooms (oyster mushrooms), old pu-ehr tea, garden peat, humus, black earth… A pretty stunning nose, I have to say.

Palate: I believe this baby’s the equivalent of Laphroaig’s old 30, only with more, much more liquorice. Not easy to describe since it’s ‘a compact whole’, but indeed there is a lot of liquorice, salty seaweed, some kind of salted citrus, wagame, a feeling of salty balm… And then even more liquorice. I don’t think I’ve tried many spirits that have been that liquoricy.

Finish: Long, salty, liquoricy, as phenolic as an old Islay… Great!

Thoughts: No wonder these were legendary. Epitomically agricole! (okay, okay).

Review by "Marco" Score: 83

Another rum from Martinique and it comes from Trois Rivieres in 1977. The label does not unfortunately mention age. Colour: Amber.

Nose: Extremely grassy sugarcane, intertwoven with ripe mangoes are dominating the glass. Tucked away in the background you can smell the oak from the barrel. There are a lot fruits. Pears and faintly tart apples. The rum makes a fresh impression on the nose.

Palate: First strong sugarcane and grassy aromas. Then the fruits from the nose are joining, including some pears. The most expressive flavour, however, is the sugarcane. After a while I taste spices and oak (Limousin oak?). The rum has zero sweetness, but it is minimal bitter. European oak?

Finish: Cinnamon, oak and sugar cane are the first impressions. Then briefly the fruits on the palate are tasteable. Also a touch of menthol at the end.

Thoughts: The rum would I think have been better if he had had less influence from the barrel. Maybe I'm just spoiled by ex-Bourbon barrels and European oak just does not fit my taste, who knows.

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