Velier Caroni 1983-2005 22 Year Old Heavy Trinidad Rum


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Caroni
Origin Trinidad and Tobago
Bottler Velier
Type Single Blended Rum (Pot + Column from the same distillery)
Alcohol By Volume 52.0%
Sugar Measured
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Review by "Lance" Score: 86

It’s a mind game that never gets old – how many Caroni bottles are there? I speculated that Velier alone likely has around a million in circulation and when one sees an outturn like this – 20,986 bottles! – I think that even though the long-closed distillery’s rums are now becoming must-haves on par with the Demeraras, there’s no danger of running out of possibilities in the near future. Though as I remarked once, when we start to see Caronis being issued from the post-2000 era, the end will be near. Be that as it may, it’s always fascinating to try another one, and this Caroni is no slouch either, like almost all the variations I’ve tried. I’m not one of those deep-divers who dissect a single distillery’s every possible expression up and down the scale until they know them all by their first names, and can write doctoral dissertations in the slightest, most minute details of divergence or similarity from the mean…but after having sampled quite a few, certainly it’s getting easier to see commonalities and aberrations here or there. And, of course, fun.

Nose: Rather light florals and some tar, quite restrained here. Batman’s Trojan factory is back, dialled down but quietly asserting its prescence. Acetones. Leather. Caramel, sweet red grapes, cereal and brown bread, nicely balanced. Letting it stand for a while allows yet other aromas of peanut butter and honey to emerge, together with a clear citrus twist for some edge.

Palate: Quietly delicious, with a light and crisp sort of snap. Kind of medium heavy to light, really, so don’t be misled by the title of heavy, as this does not refer to the mouthfeel. Caramel, vanilla, florals, some tart soursop and white guavas. Brine and some oak influence are clear, plus an olive or two. Overall, perhaps a bit too crisp – it verges on real sharp-ended jaggedness, without ever quite stepping over the edge. Oh and the lemon citrus remains there throughout, faint but perceptible.

Finish: Quite long, but again, light and easy. Hot black tea, tar, caramel, vanilla, brine, leather, nothing really original here, just well-balanced flavours and aromas throughout.

Thoughts: Not really one of the best, but even so the general quality can’t be denied. Luca has remarked that he believes this rum (and some others from the 1980s) was put to age at a higher proof than usual (~75%) instead of 65-70%. That might account for the profile.

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