Velier Damoiseau 1980


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Bottle Profile
Distillery Damoiseau
Origin Guadeloupe
Bottler Velier
Type Traditional Rum (artisanal column)
Alcohol By Volume 60,3%
Sugar Measured 11-16 g/L
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Review by "Henrik" Score: 92

Nose: So rich and so complex, that initially I had great trouble zooming in on any singular note. But after a couple of whiffs it all started to come together. First of all a sweet and fruity base made up by prunes and figs, with ripe and sun-kissed cherries on top, and a generous sprinkling of burnt brown sugar. From this base grew a beautiful flower of black grapes, salty liquorice and burnt rubber. In the very end even a little oak and tobacco. No sharpness or any indication that we are dealing with a 60,3% spirit. Impressive.

Palate: Surprisingly mild and smooth for a full proof rum. It feels in perfect balance. At first it didn’t seem as rich as I would have expected, but it actually just takes a few sips for the richness to unfold properly. The first real tastes that presents themselves are oak and winey tannins, and a little disappointment. Why? Because I had expected it to show off more interesting things from the start. But once again it shows it flirty nature, and after a couple of more sips it starts to really unfold. First the oak and tannins fade away, and leave room for salty licorice. Then the fruity extravaganza begins. Prunes, apricots, mangos, pineapple and cherries. Earthy notes starts appearing which brings out notes of the forest in the fall. At some point the salty liquorice intensifies and turns towards something more like ammonia and brine. The more sips I took, the further the winey tannins moved into the background. The funny thing is that the more sips I take, the more full flavoured it gets. As if the palate had to adjust it self to be fully compatible with the massive richness. The best part was that the rum actually allowed my palate to adjust before bringing on the full show.

Finish: Some of the same things applied to the finish. The more sips, the longer and more exciting it got. A finish that lasts a million years with insanely stubborn notes of salty liquorice and burnt brown sugar, as well as a couple of prunes. It cleans it self up super nicely just as the last flavours seem to disappear, but even several minutes later you still get small hints of the licorice.

Thoughts: Somewhat of a shapeshifter, this rum is truly amazing. The beautiful nose, the ever developing palate and the long, pleasant finish. It all just adds up to a truly extraordinary experience. No off notes, no stones left unturned, no letdowns and no unpleasantries. Once the last Velier Damoiseau 1980 has been emptied, the world of rum will be just a tiny bit less great.

Review by "Cyril" Score: 88

un ambré profond, des jambes énormes, et déjà une forte impression d’être face à un rhum d’exception.

Nose: Le nez mettra un peu de temps à décoller mais devient par la suite très fondu et aérien, avec beaucoup de fruits confits, du boisé mais pas trop, et pas mal d'agrumes. Un nez chaleureux, très bien équilibré et complexe. A laisser ouvrir pour en profiter pleinement.

Palate: La bouche est puissante et très aromatique, l’attaque est moelleuse. Le rhum évolue sans cesse en bouche sur les fruits confits, les fruits secs, sur les épices et la réglisse, avec un final du feu de dieu et un beau retour des agrumes sur la fin. Un très bel exemple d’équilibre, tout en puissance et avec une longueur époustouflante qui ne semble ne jamais vouloir se terminer.


Thoughts: Cet embouteillage de Velier explose en bouche là où le Damoiseau (voir autre note) peine à la comparaison. Deux bons rhums mais gros avantage au Velier, avec cette question qui reste : est-ce le même rhum ?...

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